Is America facist? Yes according to this article. Is it to the extreme degree as Hitler’s Nazism? No its not. However fascism has prevailed in many first world countries regardless if they countries’ leaders considered themselves communists, socialists, democratic they are all the same. 

Indeed fascism arose out of political compromise. Unions, big business leaders, and politicians have used the gun of the State to obtain their goals and agendas at the cost of the capital production made possible by savings and entrepreneurship. 

Bastiat said that the majority of the State are oblivious that we are living at the expense of others. Every political election is all about special interests, regardless if these interests are from poor or rich classes. They all take things away from other people indirectly through the State. 

I am losing hope that it will soon be too late that people realize all of the social and economic problems today are made worse by the State. Will ideas of liberty and voluntary cooperation be able to make it?

I’ve just finished my first article from the suggested 30 Day Reading List that will lead me to become a more knowledgeable Libertarian. I’ll be posting a topic each day and give my thoughts about it. 

There are organizations and clubs around the world that do support and spread the ideas of libertarianism (sometimes Austrian economics) and they are still growing.

it is important to stand on principle but to win the battle of ideas for Libertarianism one must not be intimidated by statist’s rants. Liberterians are outnumbered by statists everywhere and most people would sucumb to statism’s guilt by association. Many people look toward government to solve our problems whether economically, socially, scientifically or anything that can benefit man.

Do not be afraid that people will call you out for being a kook, sell-out, cold-hearted or whatever callous names statists throw at you. They most important factor to spread Libertarianism is to master the ideas of Liberatarianism which I am achieving to do. 

Is is ok to for libertarians to argue with family and friends and also with other libertarians as long as general principles are keep intact and logically deduced i.e. the Non-Aggression Priniciple (google that for yourselves). Debating is a means to search for the truth. Walter Block, a professor of Austrian economics, emailed me that striving for the truth is a noble cause even if it meant disagreeing with your mentors because if you don’t debate ideas then you do a great disservice to the cause of spreading your idea. 

I hope you join with me and reading these articles day by day! I look forward to disseminating these ideas!

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Ron Paul Did Not Dropped Out

If you read his statement carefully, you see that Ron Paul’s campaign decided not to spend anymore money than they have on the primary states that haven’t started their polls yet. It’s a wise move since the campaign doesn’t want to get itself in debt like Santorum’s and Gingrich’s campaigns. The campaign is currently amassing delegates along the way, and so I encourage all RP supporters to keep supporting Ron Paul and spread his message of liberty.